Unit 1: Written Paper

Unit 1 is the written exam based on the RSCDS Manual of Scottish Country Dancing.

There is a schedule of dates for the examination – usually the second Saturday in February and October.

Branches may apply to the RSCDS to hold the examination locally; there is no minimum number of candidates.  For dates and more information see the RSCDS website.

Unit 2: Dancing Exam

Unit 2 is the dancing segment of the exam, offered at the T.A.C. Summer School in even years. Most candidates take Unit 2 and 3 together over 2 weeks.  It is also available at the RSCDS Summer School or Branches can choose to offer the course in odd numbered years when there is a candidate tour of North America.

During this exam candidates will be expected to have learned the prescribed dances, dance them as fault free as possible and be able to recap them fluently.

Unit 3: Teaching Exam

Unit 3 is an examination to assess the ability of candidates to teach steps and basic formations at beginners’ level in 20 – 30 minutes. The lesson plan for Unit 3 (1 page only) should include teaching points, activity, organisation of class and structure of lesson.

Unit 4: Record of Teaching Practice

The Record of Teaching Practice needs to be submitted to the RSCDS at least six months before the candidate plans to sit the Unit 5 exam.

This unit requires candidates to:

1. Take responsibility for planning and delivering a series of lessons to a class or classes.

2. Record and evaluate some of the lessons in detail.

3. Submit their Record of Teaching Practice for assessment

Unit 5: Teaching Exam

Unit 5 is offered at T.A.C. Summer School in even numbered years, or, in North America, by individual Branches as part of the North American Tour on odd numbered years.

During Unit 5 each candidate will be given a dance from an RSCDS publication, chosen by the examiners, to be taught to a minimum of 16 dancers for a period of 30-40 minutes.  The candidates will also submit their lesson plan to the examiners before the exam.