Wednesday afternoon of TAC Summer School is traditionally a free time for sightseeing (or resting) and the  Local Arrangements committee has compiled a detailed list of activities and options for enjoying your time in Minneapolis/St. Paul.   Any of these activities can be arranged individually or in a group and don't involve a scheduled, organized tour.  During onsite registration will help you find others who might be interested in joining you on the same outing. 

This link will take you to a Google docs file with all of the information.  This form will be updated as additional information becomes available:  Summer School Outings in Minneapolis/St. Paul


In addition there are two organized tours of the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area for Wednesday afternoon, August 1st. The tours include round-trip coach transportation and admission fees and do require advance reservation and payment. Please click here for the reservation form and additional details about the tours

Option 1:  Wabasha Caves and St. Paul Historical Tour

Minimum sign-up required:  25    Maximum that can be accommodated: at least 30

1:30pm Bus departs U of M

2:00pm Walking tour of Wabasha Caves

Come hear and see the history of these sandstone caves.  You will explore the original mined caves and see the finished caves (once a romantic night club called The Castle Royal).  Hear the legends of the mobster massacres and ghostly lore in the most unique setting from Chicago to San Francisco.  

45-minute walking tour.

3:00pm 1-hour bus tour of historical St. Paul focusing on its gangster history

4:15pm Walk to Wabasha Brewery for afternoon refreshment or stroll along the Mississippi River.

5:15pm Bus departs back to U of M (probably will arrive between 5:30 – 5:45 in time for dinner)


$35 per person including tours of the Wabasha Caves, tour of historical St. Paul, and round-trip coach transportation.  This does not include refreshments or gratuities.


Option 2:  Stillwater/St. Croix Valley Tour

Minimum sign-up required:  20    Maximum that can be accommodated: 30

1:00 Van(s) depart U of M

2:00 Arrive in Stillwater to a 45 min trolley tour..

3:00  Wander the town, visit winery, brewery, antiques, shops and whatever.

4:30 meet at the Freight House on their deck for dinner.

6:00 leave

6:45 Back at the U of M


$30.00 including round-trip transportation, and the trolley tour.  It does not include food/beverages or gratuities.  It is not feasible to return to campus in time for dinner so this option will include staying in Stillwater for dinner (on your own) and the Freight House.