The 46th TAC Summer School will be held from

July 29 - August 5, 2018 at the

University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Join us in Minneapolis and enjoy Scottish Country dancing and dances from these world-class teachers:
Ellie Briscoe from Virginia, Jody Kulas (Poapst) from Ontario, Antoine Rousseau from France, and Alan Twhigg from California

Dance Teachers - Summer School 2018


Antoine Rousseau
Paris, France

Antoine small 

Antoine Rousseau started dancing in Paris when he was 15 in a group which a few years later became the Paris Branch. He first attended the RSCDS Summer School in 1988 and found it to be a revelation; a good mixture of fun, technique, and social activities. He has been teaching since he was 21 years old, first in Lyon during his university days, then in Paris after passing his teaching certificate in 2009. Since then, he has taught at RSCDS Summer School at St Andrews, and several Weekend Workshops and Schools in Northern America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, where he has met the wonderful people of the Scottish dancing scene. He currently dances and teaches at the Paris Branch.  We are delighted to have Antoine join us again.



Ellie Briscoe
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Ellie Briscoe 2015 November 



Ellie Briscoe discovered Scottish Country dancing in San Francisco, and later danced in the Boston area before moving to Alexandria.  She took her Teacher's Certificate at the TAC Summer School at St. Catharine’s in 1982, where she met her husband Mel, and has taught at workshops across North America and in Japan and Cyprus.  She has tutored teacher candidates for many years, recently became an Examiner for the RSCDS, and serves on the Society's Education and Training Committee. 

Her favorite aspects of SCD are the music and how it drives the covering and phrasing, the teamwork, and the way people grin when they "get it."  Before she retired, Ellie was a manager in the National Geographic Society Library in Washington, DC for 25 years, and enjoys singing in a chorus, reading, and taking photographs while scuba diving.                                                                                                      

Jody Kulas
Kars, Ontario, Canada

 Jody bio Picture


Jody Kulas (Poapst) was raised in Foremost, AB and after college she started dancing in Medicine Hat.  She was hooked from the very first class!  After moving to Ontario, Jody decided to pursue her Level 1 Certificate in 2006 and followed with her Level 2 in 2008 at T.A.C. Summer School.

Since then, Jody has taught various levels of classes with the RSCDS Ottawa Branch and the Affiliated Group, Ardbrae.  She currently teaches a weekly class for beginner dancers with the Ottawa Branch and finds teaching new dancers very rewarding.  She finds the progress made in the first year just wonderful to see!  Jody has taught workshops around Ontario, Alberta and in Nova Scotia and was Director of T.A.C. Summer School for 4 years.  She was also involved in running TACBooks and always enjoyed seeing new and creative dances coming from dancers all over the world.  She believes there is something quite special in the combination of great music and the sociability of the dance that are unmatched in any other activity!

Alan Twhigg
Mountain View, California, USA

Alan Twhigg photo IMG 2932 

Alan Twhigg has a Scottish heritage on both sides of his family so he developed a love for the traditional music at an early age.  His parents danced with the Reel & Strathspey Club that preceded formation of the San Francisco Branch and often took him to Highland Games and pipe-band concerts as a child.  Alan discovered Scottish Country Dancing as a college student, amongst other dance forms such as ballroom and international folk.  The music resonated with some early memories, and the intricate patterns of SCD stood out from the other styles.  He soon sought out a weekly class, then two…

Alan passed both RSCDS teaching exams at St. Andrews in the 1980s, and has been teaching regular weekly classes at various levels ever since.  He has served as a guest instructor at weekend workshops across North America and tutored candidates for teaching exams.  He also continues to participate in SCD performances, chiefly with the Red Thistle Dancers.  Favorite memories include choreographing and performing a sword dance for the San Francisco Opera as well as teaching and performing in Norway, the Czech Republic, and Russia.

To support his dance hobbies, Alan makes his living as a technical writer/editor in the computer industry.  Recent projects include expanding the audience for SCD among the international folk dance and contra dance communities.