The 46th TAC Summer School will be held from

July 29 - August 5, 2018 at the

University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Join us in Minneapolis and enjoy dancing to the music of Barbara McOwen, Music Director withTullochgorum and friends: Anne Hooper, Robert McOwen, Terry Traub, Campbell Webster, Laird Brown, and Don Wood for classes, socials, and ball.


  Summer School 2018  Staff Musicians

Barbara McOwen
(Music Director)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

 Barbara photo 1

Barbara McOwen's interest in Scottish fiddling began in Berkeley in 1971, at about the same time she gained her bachelor’s degree in music from the University of California at Berkeley. She stayed one page ahead of her musical friends and colleagues and started a band, The Berkeley Scottish Players, which played internationally and made three recordings for Scottish Country Dancing. She, and husband Robert McOwen, moved to Boston in 1979. Since then she has: started a new band Tullochgorum, founded the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club, the Strathspey & Reel Society of New Hampshire, and Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School, was the pioneering Music Director at Pinewoods Scottish Dance Camp, and chaired the U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Championships, which drew many of today’s greats to the Boston area. Barbara was introduced to the Gaelic Club in the 90s, and has become very partial to the historical and natural driving nature of Cape Breton fiddling. Three years ago, she completed a book project on the highland fiddling of Aonghas Grant, and over the years has worked extensively with dancers, pipers and vocalists, and currently teaches Scottish fiddling to many students and groups. Barbara was honored to be awarded the RSCDS Scroll in 2013.

Anne Hooper
Boston, Massachusetts,

 Anne Hooper

Anne Hooper is a two-time winner of the U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Championships and since 1984 has performed frequently for dance events of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Boston Branch. Anne has served as Music Director of several RSCDS Boston Branch concerts and at Pinewoods Camp. She has performed with the dance band, Tullochgorum, for many years - both in the U.S. and in Scotland. Under her other guise as classical violinist, Anne plays with the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston and the Boston Philharmonic. She teaches both classical music and Scottish fiddle at Rivers School Conservatory, Weston, Mass. and New School of Music, Cambridge, Mass. During one glorious week, each August, she teaches at the Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School, where she has served as music director since 2014.

Robert McOwen
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

 Robert McOwen



Robert McOwen began Scottish dancing in Berkeley, California in 1973, and soon began playing dance music on guitar and bass. Together with Barbara Bouwsma, who later would become his wife, they formed the Berkeley Scottish Players in 1974, and recorded three albums before moving to the East Coast in 1979. There, they formed Tullochgorum and recorded an album in 1986. In the late 1980's they recorded "Pipe's Awa' wi' the Fiddle" with piper Lezlie Paterson, and in the 1990's both "Muckle Carffufle" and "Dances Frae the North". Robert is also very involved with teaching and choreographing Scottish country and highland dance.

 Terry Traub
Boston, Massachusetts, USA 

 Terry Traub

Terry Traub is a folk musician and bandleader who plays piano, violin, accordion, and mandolin and has been known to pick up the trumpet on occasion. Over the past twenty-five years he has performed all over the United States and abroad, including Taiwan, Japan, Scotland, Hungary, and Canada.  He has been on the music staff at Pinewoods Camp in Massachusetts for many years and has performed at Scottish dance events all over the country. Knowledgeable in many styles including American, Celtic, Klezmer and eastern European folk music, he has a special love for the music of Scotland and Cape Breton, and has accompanied such well-known fiddlers as Buddy MacMaster, John Campbell, Raymond Ellis, Jerry Holland, and Joe Cormier.

Don Wood
Aurora, Ontario, Canada 

Don Wood




Don Wood began playing piano as a young boy in Nova Scotia, accompanying his father who played fiddle and button box. His exposure to all the old reels, jigs, and strathspeys, admittedly with a "maritime" flavour, would stand him in good stead later in life.

After playing guitar for several local Rock and R&B bands Don was lured away in 1966 to play bass with Stan Hamilton's Flying Scotsmen, where he met his lifelong friend Bobby Brown. Don became the original pianist for the Scottish Accent, and he has made many recordings with the Scottish Accent as well as fiddlers Alasdair Fraser, Graham Townsend, and Rudy Meeks.

Don has made brief sojourns into blues, country, rock, folk, and gospel music but he is never far away from his Scottish musical roots. He continues to play both piano and bass with Scotch Mist and the Torridon Scottish Dance Band across Canada and the United States.

Laird Brown
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Laird IMG



Laird Brown’s early years in Toronto Canada were rich in Celtic culture, Highland, and Scottish Country dancing.  In the mid 70’s he was part of a children’s RSCDS Demo team.  They performed at the Canadian National Exhibition with the “Road to the Isles Variety Show” and local Highland Games.

Laird started on piano first, "noodled" on the accordion, sang, and then latterly focused on French Horn for many years.  In 1982 The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir held open auditions and Laird was privileged to be asked to join the choir.  Over the next 10 years, acting, singing, and playing with local theatre groups would keep him busy.

In 1992 Laird’s dad Bobby Brown (1942-2011) and leader of the Scottish Accent Band asked him to join the band on a full-time basis, as the 2nd accordionist.  Over the next 20 years the band would produce over a dozen albums/CDs, perform on “Take the floor” BBC, record Book 12 for the RSCDS, and travel the world playing SCD Workshops and Classes.

In 2011 “Scotch Mist” was born.  Laird leads a group of Canada’s finest traditional musicians. “Mist” has produced 2 SCD CD’s Coast to CoastAround the World, and was featured twice on the BBC.  Since 2011 Los Angeles/New York/ Toronto/Ottawa/Kingston/Windsor all shared 50th Anniversary celebrations and Scotch Mist was the featured band.

Campbell Webster
Concord, New Hampshire, USA



Pipe Major Campbell Webster is the son of champion piper Lezlie Paterson and PM Gordon Webster of the Scots Guards, and former Queen’s Piper. Cam's first instrument was the fiddle, starting at age 3; he began the pipes at age 5 and the drums at age 12. Six years ago, at age 16, he was the youngest piper in North America ever to be nominated at the Professional level, and is considered one of the top pipers in North America. He is currently the Pipe Major of the New Hampshire Pipes and Drums, and is a member of the Grade 2 Stuart Highlanders that competed at the Worlds in Scotland in 2014 and 2015. He is a member of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, and tours with them in the USA and Canada, and is the drummer for the Scottish dance band Tullochgorum. His fiddle experience, and Highland dancing at an early age, help ground him in playing drums, smallpipes or big pipes for dancing, and is very experienced playing for Highland dancing, Scottish country dancing, and ceilidh dancing.